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What is a Partnership firm?

A partnership firm is a type of entity where more than one person is carrying out business under one entity. Partnerships firms in India are of two types – Registered partnership firms and unregistered partnership firms.Registering a Partnership is the right choice for small enterprises as the formation is straightforward and there are minimal regulatory compliances.

The Partnership Act has been in existence in India since 1932, making partnerships one of the oldest types of business entities in India. A partnership firm can even be registered after it is formed. There are as such no penalties for non Registration of a Partnership firm.

But unregistered Partnership firms are denied certain rights under section 69 of the Partnership Act that majorly deals with the effects of non Registration of Partnership firms.

The income tax defines a Partnership firm as “Persons who have entered into a partnership with one another are called individually “partners” and collectively “a firm”, and the name under which their business is carried on is called the “firm name”. Hence, a firm that does not have a registration certificate from the registrar is an unregistered Partnership firm.

The tax rate for a Partnership firm
What is the tax rate for a partnership firm?

A partnership firm is required to file a partnership firm income tax return under the Income Tax Act, of 1961. Partnership firms are liable to pay income tax at the rate of 30% of total income. Besides, a partnership firm is liable to pay an income tax surcharge of 12% if the total income exceeds Rs.1 crores.

In Addition to the income tax and surcharge a partnership firm must pay the education cess and the secondary higher education cess.

Education Cess is applicable on the amount of the income tax and the applicable surcharge at the rate of 2%. Secondary and higher education cess is applicable on the amount of the income tax and the applicable surcharge at the rate of 1%.

Alternative minimum tax

Similar to a private limited company or LLP, partnership firms are also required to pay alternative minimum tax at the rate of 18.5% of “adjusted total income”. The alternative minimum tax would be increased by the applicable surcharge, education cess, and secondary and higher education cess.

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