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Trace Quality is a leading global Executive Search, Leadership Consulting and Board Services firm, focused on finding top talent for our clients across all over India. We pride ourselves on being precise with placements, offering our clients the complete package both in terms of industry expertise and reach. Our team of Executive Search consultants comprises 50 nationalities across 54 offices around the world bringing our clients the best of both local and internationally sourced talent to make the right executive appointments in each market.


Learn more about Pedersen & Partners, and the establishment of the firm by Trace Quality under Our Firm. Our team of Executive Search consultants and researchers are the backbone of our success and we are proud to introduce you to our highly experienced staff. With the Trace Quality cross-border, industry practice groups we ensure that our consultants have the requisite experience and insight from specific industry sectors to find the leadership our clients require. Further, we respect our clients enough to offer the very best Assurance when it comes to making great executive placements.

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